Occhi di Farfalla

Occhi Di Farfalla is a band from Basque Country. Initially started as an acoustic duo by Miren Aranguren and Hodei Esteban (from the bands [a=Erantzun], [a=Humilitate], [a=Estricalla], Stockholms, [a=Matxura]...) they added two new members before their European tour in 2015: Bati (Drums, also in [a=Estricalla], [a=Ojotrueno], [a=Guillotina]; former member of [a=Kloakao] and collaborator as a live drummer for Canadian band [a=SNFU]) and Jokin Azpiazu Carballo (also known as Okerreko and [a=OLOR (2)], former member of [a=Putoamoakmatematiketan] and [a=Después de Nunca] among others). Bati leaves the band in 2017 being substituted by Ibon Guerra. They have toured Europe, Basque Country and Spain several times and published two LPs.