Vienna based trio Aromabar consisting of Roland Hackl, Karin Steger and Andreas Kinzl alias Deejay Scott, proves that it is possible to blur the boundaries between pop and modern electronic music with utmost elegance and esprit. Doing so they minted the expression Pop Couture, the search for moments of everlasting beauty. Pop couture means creating music which is more than the sum of its parts.

Aromabar debuted on the INFRACom! compilation "Fast Forward" with "Telephone", which used to turn up in the playlists of Coldcut and Rockers Hifi.

Their debut "1" caused furore and their track "Winter Pageant" was included in numerous lounge compilations. "Winter Pageant" also appearing on Cafe del Mar No 7 (sold 250.000 copies). "1" also features the track "Little Brother", which was remixed by Mo?Horizons and Vienna Scientist and notched the German Top Ten Clubcharts in September 1999. The video for "Little Brother" rotated on MTV, VIVA and VIVA2 for several weeks.

In 2000 Aromabar released the ultimate summertrack "Sweetness of Joy", in the same year "Sparkling Beauty" won the first MTV-I-Clip Award.

The following album “Milk and Honey”, released in 2001, included more pop tunes and could follow the succses of their debut album with the video clip "Father" which was broadcasted on several tv music channels.

Now the sound of the trio comes to perfection on "Things Got To Change" "pop, folk," Aromabar oscillates in between the musical worlds sputtering sparks. Genre convention? Not interested. Fat hip-hop beats are on equal footings with acoustic guitars or subtle Fender Rhodes piano sounds Aromabar combine different genres at playful ease in order to create a new whole with a shiny surface but still with edges. "We produce songs, not tracks." says style master DJ Scott who adds the final touch to the songs together with producer Roland Hackl. Especially thanks to the lyrics written mainly by vocalist Karin Steger, the elegant sound sculptures differ strongly from the club sounds appealing to the masses.

No matter whether it is a melancholic love story, subtle criticism of the society or capitalism "..the lyrics are always driven by an optimistic prevailing mood. We are too old for music without a message." the trio says jokingly.

Guest vocalists Big John Whitfield, Nappy G and Pollard Berrier add more than just additional shades to the smooth voice of Karin Steger. The vocalists? personalities turn the latest album "Things Got To Change" into a complex and diversified album with an astonishingly wide range, making the listener reflective and happy, melancholic and excited all at once.

Aromabar know about their strengths taking advantage of them with relaxed dreaminess and an astonishing competent handling of their sounds, thus expressing a completely new musical language. Roland Hackl says: "It is not until you adopt music for 100% that it becomes authentic, unpretentious and therefore interesting."