The R

Raised by musical parents, the brothers Ruud (1967) and Ramon (1972) Braumuller showed an interest for making music early in their lives.
Ramon has been playing drums from the age of six, and Ruud has been playing with signal generators and electronics from the age of twelve.
The arrival of a Commodore 64 in their household fueled the interest in creating electronic music on a computer platform, which they later on extensively did on their first dedicated music computer, the Yamaha CX-5M.
In this period the brothers also had their own music projects; Ramon was active in the mod scene on the Commodore Amiga, under his alias "Ramon the Soundmaster", and he started studying drums at the Conservatory in Hilversum.
Ruud was involved in various techno-pop projects with Lex Grauwen and Jeroen Minnema, and started studying electronics at the HTS in Hilversum.
The style of music they were making in this period was not yet house-oriented.
Around this time their former bedroom was filled with various synths and modules, and after a while the logical step was taken to switch to an Atari ST computer with Cubase sequencing software.
After visiting a house-party in the early 90's the brothers were inspired to create a house track, which became the track "Right" and was released on the ESP label in 1991. The R was born…..

Fast forward >>> 20 years later, Ramon is working in a sound-studio directing and recording voice-overs and composing music for various radio- and TV commercials. He still plays the drums in the party-band Sonny's Inc. which performs around a hundred times a year. He also enjoys making 3D visualizations.
Ruud is working as an audio engineer for TV and audio-promo's. He is still involved in various techno-pop projects with Lex Grauwen and others and is currently remastering early releases from the 80's by Tranquil Eyes and Frozen Ducks. He enjoys building and modding synths and effects.