Quartetto Cetra

Italian vocal quartet established during the 1940s.
Formed by Felice Chiusano, Giovanni Giacobetti (said "Tata"), Lucia Mannucci e Antonio Virgilio Savona
Characterized by remarkable vocal skills evident in the harmonization of the songs and texts often humorous but always in good taste, they have been one of the most long-lived Italian musical groups. They were often anticipators in Italy of fashions and musical genres, such as Rock and roll: already in 1956 the Quartetto Cetra recorded in Italian a version of Rock Around the Clock, with the text written by Tata Giacobetti, entitled [i]L'Orologio matto[/i]. In addition, with programs such as [i]Biblioteca di Studio Uno[/i] (with the famous literary and mocking parodies) and [i]Non cantare, spara[/i] have entered the history of Italian television.