Chris Barber's Jazz Band

In 1954 the members of [a941219] split from Ken Colyer and became Chris Barber's Jazz Band. They have been one of Europe's most successful traditional jazz bands ever since.

Over the years, Chris Barber's Jazz Band evolved into [a271498], an eight-piece group, mixing the styles of blues and jazz. The demarcation of this transition is March 1973.

At the end of 2001 Chris extended his band with three more musicians into The Big Chris Barber Band.

[B]Note:[/B] Due to the complex nature of this bands history, please add all recordings prior to March 1973 to this page, variants of the Band name may include Chris Barber & His Band / Chris Barber's Travelling Band / Chris Barber's Jazz Band with Ottilie Patterson.

Only one artist remains to be added as a linked member - [B]Micky Ashman[/B] (Bass - ex of band).