Ines Taddio

Italian singer born December 28, 1928 in Enemonzo, Carnia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
In 1945 won Miss Carnia and took second place at Miss Friuli-Venezia Giulia.
After graduating, she went to Salzburg, Austria, her father's desire, to continue studies at San Sebastian College.
After returning to Italy (1954), in 1955 she work at radio and RAI TV.
Heinz Gietz (the most famous German manufacturer) proposed a contract with Polydor in Hamburg in 1959.
In 1961 she attended the Grand Prix Eurovision.

In the mid-60s I married the businessman Karl Bach, a native of Cologne and moved to Germany.
After her son Carlo was born, gradually abandoned his music career to devote herself to family.
After her husband dies suddenly of an incurable disease in only thirty years in the late '70s, returns with his son in Italy. For several years she moved back to Germany and since then has lived in Cologne.

She dedicated to her passion for photography. In a contest of "Köln Express", which participates just for fun and won first prize.