Jennifer (35)

French singer born 1942 in Bar-le-Duc, now lives in southern France.
Debut in 1959 in Bobino and active during the period 1960-1970.
The career of Jennifer took place on two stages in two acts: Act Two on the French stage and two acts on the German stage. On the German stage Jennifer was launched in 1963 as a singer with francophone-southern touch. In the second act, which lasted from 1967 to 1969, the singer receives no recognizable image. In France Polydor Jennifer placed in the first act as a chanson singer with jazz touch.
After three EP's, which flopped commercially, there was a three-year interruption in the recording career of Jennifer. In 1966 she took Pathé Marconi under contract. Here it was built in the second act as a singer of sophisticated songs. It should be the most commercially successful period. Two songs from this period stand out.
Firstly, the number one „Mais qu’est-ce que ça peut vous faire“, immediately, on the other hand, the chanson „La mélodie de la radio“.

Start as a dancer.
As child, Anny attended the ballet classes. The big dream was a career as a dancer. After the war, the family moved to Paris, where Jennifer was enjoying professional dance lessons and a lesson completed as Stenodactylo.
The career as a dancer apparently was not developed.
Continue as singer.
The first single was released in 1961 under her real name on the label „Tivoli“. For more career her husband invented the stage name „Jennifer“ With this name, she started in 1962 her recording career with Polydor France.
With this name, she started in 1962 her recording career with Polydor France.
Polydor launched Jennifer in 1963 in the German market. Because she could not speak any German, the lyrics had to be written phonetically. The two singles from 1963 suggest that has not worked with great conviction.

It took three years (until 1966) before Jennifer again got a record deal. From 1966 to 1967 published by Pathé Marconi three EP's and in Canada a long-playing record. And again it was Jean-Yves Gran, who was her when restarting aside. „Mais qu’est-ce que ça peut vous faire“ became the most successful titles Jennifer. Jennifer now appeared as a strong-voiced chanteuse in appearance.

Jennifer moved as a result of her activities for a long time to Canada, where she has often worked with the pianist Guy Levesque .
From 1970 Jennifer moved back to Paris.
In the early 70's she said goodbye to the stage.