Final is [a79600]'s and [a=Andy Swan]'s power electronics project active from 1984 to 1986, and Broadrick solo since 1993. They made their recordings as [a=Atrocity Exhibition (7)] on their cassette label [l=Post Mortem Rekordings] in 1982. Shortly after the project was renamed [a=Smear Campaign (2)] and they first performed live on 7 July 1984 in The Mermaid in Birmingham. Promptly after the show they settled on the name Final. Final went under numerous lineup changes during its lifetime, including musicians like Philip Timms, Daniel Johnson, Paul Neville, Nicholas Bullen, Graham Robertson and Guy Pearce.

After a hiatus, Final was resuscitated as solo project in 1993 and Broadrick releases experimental sounds loosely categorized as ambient.

In 1998, Final was to release a full length CD for Scotland based [l=Atmoject], collecting works from 1990-1998 being "Final's most consistently abstract work, delving mostly into the chaos dynamics of electroacoustic."