David Thrussell

David Thrussell is perhaps best known as Australian electronic music's quietest over-achiever. As [a=Snog], [a=Soma] (with [a=Pieter Bourke]) and [a=Black Lung] he has gained an international reputation for innovation in cinematic and electronic soundscapes. Almost unheard of in Australia numerous releases have invaded the electronic and alternative charts in the U.S.A, Germany and France. Runs the reissue label [l=the omni recording corporation]. Affiliated with [l=The International Mind Control Corporation].

Home studios and approximate dates:
[l=area 51, melbourne] 1993 - 1997
[l=The Intergalactic Nudist Ranch] 1998 - 2003
[l=The Mountain View Estate] 2004 - 2007
[l=oak manor] 2007 - Present