Sagat was the most popular alias of [a=Faustin Lenon], also known as [a=Jump "Chico" Slamm] and [a=Blaksam].
In 1993, Faustin Lenon wrote a song titled "Fuk Dat" and released it under the name "Sagat". It soon became an Underground Smash hit. After signing a record deal with Maxi Records, Sagat made a cleaner version of the song titled "Funk Dat" which was intended for radio stations. Soon after, "Funk Dat" began to climb the charts as it did the Clubs. By the end of 1993, Sagat participated in a video production for "Funk Dat" and MTV added the video into rotation. By spring 1994 "Funk Dat" had already been introduced overseas with very good feedback from the Underground, Clubs and some mix shows.
The success caused an invitation to MTV’s Spring Break (February 1994) and Sagat performed the then #1 Hit Song "Funk Dat". Sagat was also featured in an episode of MTV’s "Beavis and Butthead" which aired on MTV from 1994 until 2000.
Eventually "Fuk Dat / Funk Dat" was very well received in 46 countries. Presently "Funk Dat" features in 2 movies as of December 2009 which is 16 years after the initial release. It was also covered by [a=Ray Krebbs] in 1999.
In late 1994, Maxi Records released parts of a Sagat compilation titled [url=]My Poem Is... The World According To Sagat[/url], which comprised 2 versions of 'Fuk Dat'.
Two more singles "Get Outta My Face" and "Luvstuff" were released from the album before Sagat and Maxi Records ceased relations.
Since then, Faustin Lenon abandoned his alias "Sagat" and began to use the artist name "Sagatmanchu".