Menswear were a much-hyped mid-'90s Britpop group founded in 1994 in Camden Town, London and disbanded in 1998. They infamously received a great deal of press and record label interest before recording a single note.

Original Members: Johnny Dean - vocals, backing vocals, percussion; Simon White - electric guitar, backing vocals; Chris Gentry - electric and acoustic guitars; Stuart Black - bass, acoustic guitar; Matt Everitt - drums, percussion

The group's ballyhooed debut album "Nuisance" was released in 1995. The album yielded five singles ("I'll Manage Somehow", "Sleeping In", "Daydreamer", "Stardust", "Being Brave"), all with multiple b-sides. After one non-album single, "We Love You", was issued in 1996, the mostly-forgotten second album, "¡Hay Tiempo!", was released only in Japan in 1998.

In 2013, Johnny Dean reconvened the group with all new members and they released the single "Crash '14", a rerecording of an old Menswear song. The group continues to tour.