Azteca was a Latin jazz-rock-fusion group formed in 1972, started by Coke Escovedo and his brother Pete Escovedo, who had played on Santana III (1971). Azteca was the first large-scale attempt to combine multiple musical elements in the context of a Latin orchestra setting, and featured horns, woodwinds, multiple keyboards, three vocalists, guitars, drums, and multiple Latin percussionists.

Onstage, the band consisted of between 15-25 members, and toured with acts including Stevie Wonder. Other notable Azteca members included drummer [a=Lenny White], bassist [a=Paul Jackson (2)], vocalist Wendy Haas, trumpeter [a=Tom Harrell], guitarist Neal Schon, vocalist [a=Errol Knowles] and percussionist [a= Victor Pantoja]. The group was also a musical starting point for Latin percussionist [a=Sheila E.] (the daughter of Pete Escovedo), who appeared with the band as a teenager. They released only two albums between 1972-1973.