K's Choice

Since the late eighties, brother and sister Gert and Sarah Bettens have been active in the Belgian music scene. Whilst studying, they formed their own "hobby-band" called "The Basement Plugs", and predominantly covered popular songs in the Antwerp area.
In 1992 Sarah’s voice was "discovered" and she released a solo single under the name "Sara Beth". The single faired well in the Belgian charts, and the record company Double T Music offered her a contract for a full album. Gert joined Sarah for a trial acoustic session, and together, they effortlessly managed to win over the DTM management: "The Choice" was born! In October 1993, their first full CD "The Great Subconscious Club" was presented to the press.
In 1994 succes was increasing, in Europe as well as in the USA. In the USA a band called "The Choice" claimed they had rights over the name; to avoid confusion and potential lawsuits, Sarah and Gert decided to change the bandname to "K's Choice". The "K" is taken from Jozef K, the key protagonist in Kafka's "The Trial" who ironically, is continually confronted with situations where he has limited choices! The reworked name was the idea of Sarah's husband, and initially received a mixed response, but, after one stern, threatening glare, it was unanimously agreed.
In the autumn of 1995, "Paradise in Me", the band's second studio album, was released. The album was heavier and more guitar-orientated than the debut "The Great Subconscious Club". The opening track, "Not an Addict" was released upon the charts in Belgium and Holland, and subsequently in the rest of Europe. By now, "K's Choice" had become a real band, with regular Jan Van Sichem Jr. on guitar and Dutchman Bart Van der Zeeuw on drums. Only bass players kept coming and going.

[b]Current line-up:[/b]
Sarah Bettens: lead vocals and guitar.
Gert Bettens: guitar and backing vocals.
Jan van Sichem Jr.: guitar.
Eric Grossman: bass.
Koen Lieckens: drums and percussion.