First Light (3)

Paul Hardcastle and Derek Green founded the band First Light (1st Light) by the end of 1982. They released 4 singles "Don't Be Mistaken", "16 Minutes Of 1st Light", "18 Minutes Of 1st Light: Explain the Reasons" and "Wish You Were Here" as well as two full albums "1st Light" (1983) and the Best Of compilation "Daybreak" (1984), the latter of which also contained their last single "Wish You Were Here". In 1988 / 89, Hardcastle resumed his work on First Light, this time adopting both the songwriter and producer roles. Kevin Henry was the (new) featuring vocalist and together they released 4 singles "You Had It All", "Loving You", "Right Or Wrong" and "So Easy" - all of them lifted from the album "You Had It All".