French band founded in 2005 by lead singer and namesake Yelle ([a=Julie Budet]) and GrandMarnier ([a=Jean-François Perrier]). The name of the band is an acronym for "You Enjoy Life" (“Yel”), but was later feminised to "Yelle" because a Belgian band was already using the former.
They rose to fame on MySpace with a song called "Short Dick Cuizi" (later renamed as "Je Veux Te Voir") in which they diss [a=Cuizinier] ([a=TTC]) in a humorous way. This song caught the attention of the label [l=Source Etc], which signed a record deal for their first album, Pop Up. At this point, French DJ [a=Tepr] joined the band and produced a very succesful remix of their song À Cause Des Garçons, making it an instant hit and one of the main representations of the Tecktonik style.
After a long world tour and a few collaborations (highlighting the succesful Parle À Ma Main with [a=Fatal Bazooka]), they released their second album (Safari Disco Club) in 2011, which didn't achieve the sales success of its predecessor but also had a huge world tour and made Yelle the opening band for [a=Katy Perry]'s UK tour.
After that, Tepr left the group to focus on his solo career, but [a=Dr. Luke] (who had discovered them in 2009 with their remix of Katy's Hot N Cold) contacted them and they started working together on their third studio album, Complètement Fou, released on September 2014.