RMB are Rolf Maier-Bode (Mar 6, 1974, Berlin) and Farid Gharadjedaghi (May 26, 1974, Tehran/Iran).
RMB started as Rolf's one-man project on [l=Adam & Eve Records] for the first two EP's (RMB Trax Vol. 1 & 2). Farid joined when the project moved to [l2943] for another two singles before signing up to [l=Low Spirit Recordings]. Since 1998 they were operating their own label Various Music Recordings GmbH (see [l=Various Silver Recordings]).
RMB split in 2007 when creative differences brought the production of their album "Evolution" to a complete halt. The Remains were released digitally though.
The first Live Act of RMB was in 1993.