Joe Renzetti

During the '60's, in Philadelphia, Cameo records with the help of Dick Clark and American Bandstand, Joe Renzetti became Cameo Records house guitarist, and played on the hits: “Let's Twist Again, The Mashed Potatoes, South Street, The Bristol Stomp, The Limbo Rock, Palisades Park, Tallahassee Lassie.”.
Fascinated by the advances in recording technology and the profession of arranging for records, Renzetti moved on to New York where he got to practice his new skills and talents, and arranged the top-ten records; “Sunny,” by Bobby Hebb, "Ninety-Eight Point Six," by Keith, “Apple, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie,” by Jay and the Techniques, “Mandy,” by Barry Manilow.
A film buff, always harboring an interest in film music, Renzetti decided to test his luck in Hollywood. The move paid off; he was called to do the music for the "Buddy Holly Story." Although the music was that of Holly's, he taught the actors to play the instruments and sing the songs from scratch. Filmed live on camera and using 24 track recording, the actors actually played and sang as a performing group. This decision was a first for film and netted Renzetti an Oscar for the “Best Adaptation Score" that year. (1979)
An accredited Film Composer, Joe Renzetti received commissions from Anne Bancroft to score "Fatso" staring Dom DeLuise; from Dick Clark to Score "Elvis", Gary Sherman to score "Vice Squad, and Poltergeist III;" an episode of "Tales From The Crypt," and "Child's Play," staring little Chucky.
Joe Renzetti continues to score films, and compose works for orchestra, chamber groups, and solo artists.