Frank Duval

German composer, conductor, producer and songwriter. Born on 22 November 1940 in Berlin into an artists' family, his sister is [a=Maria Duval].
After an acting career in theater (1952-1958), tried his hand as an actor in films and musicals (1959-1965), as well as producing short films (1965-1968).
He worked in the broadcast industry on soundtracks and musicals since 1965, but it was not until 1977 that he found his true calling: writing and producing musical scores to TV series, for example [i]Derrick[/i], [i]Der Alte[/i], [i]Unsere schönsten Jahre[/i], [i]Tatort[/i], [i]Polizeiinspektion 1[/i].
His wife [a=Kalina Maloyer] contributed her vocals and writing to many of the releases. He was married with [a=Karin Hübner].