Interview (2)

French band.
This duo Masculin-Féminin forms with Philippe and Martine the INTERVIEW Group; They know each other slightly since they are born
in the same Siblings. Rocked by the Pacific Ocean, the warm sand, the brilliant colors of the paradisiac islands where they lived
during their childhood where life is soft and tranquil and where generosity rhymes with the beauty of the soul.
How not well started his life in the Light with this beautiful begin!
Siblings who creates with four hands. This charming duo rocked by Pop-Funk sound cultivates an unbridled imagination,
they make you discover their music through a very particular universe, stamped "Made in Paris" for the World.
"We love INTERVIEW's obscure sound. This charming duet from Paris, France have reinvented what it means to be awesome!.
Their Pop-Funk Sound is released via their unique vibes. They definitely have even greater things in the works!
Make sure you show your support by liking and sharing their music! #INTERVIEW"
— Jasmine 716 Live Magazine, INTERVIEW on 716 Live Magazine: ❤