Annette Peacock

Born in 1941, Brooklyn, New York. American composer, arranger, producer, musician, lyricist, singer. Composer of Paul Bley's repertoire from 1964 - 73. Produced and appeared as instrumentalist/abstract vocalist on two recordings with Paul Bley and Han Bennink, 'Improvisie' and 'Dual Unity'. Collaborated with Bill Bruford on his first solo recording 'Feels Good To Me', as well as with Coldcut on their last album 'Sound MIrrors.'

Her intended first solo album of songs, including the first version of I'm The One, was unfortunately released under the name Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show, titled Revenge. Curently, Discogs refers to it as a group she is in, although there are different player lineups for each of the songs on the album; Bley only appears on two tracks.

Her second solo album, I'm The One, is referred to as her first solo album by most, as they are unaware of Revenge.

Founder in 1980s of his own label [l61342].