Miami Sound Machine

One of the most successful Latin American bands to crossover into the English-language market. They helped pave the way of success for many other Latin artists.

Started by then, bandleader and accordion player, [a=Emilio Estefan, Jr.], as the Miami Latin Boys, in 1975, as a weekend job.

The group name changed a year later to Miami Sound Machine, when Emilio invited a female singer, [a=Gloria Fajardo] and her cousin [a=Merci Navarro], to join the band after a well performed audition on stage. In 1977, the group recorded their first album for a local label, [l=Audiofon] Records. Emilio would marry Gloria, a year later.

In 1980, CBS signed them to their new Latin American label, [l=Discos CBS International] and 1984's "Dr. Beat" disco smash, would lead the way to a deal with major CBS label, [l=Epic].

The band, through it's course has undergone many musician changes and in 1989, would go uncredited, when [a=Gloria Estefan] recorded as a solo artist.