R&B/Funk band which was formed through a series of groups circa 1976-1979 in Los Angels. After a break, the band got back together for a talent contest by a local radio station. On the panel of judges was Ollie E. Brown who expressed interest and signed them to Brown Sugar Productions. With a new repertoire, show and the rebranded name "Tease", Brown presented the group to different labels. By November 1982, Tease had a deal with RCA.

Group members:
Chuckii Booker (keyboards) 1986-1988
Cornelius Mims (bass) 1979-1986
Derek Organ (drums) 1979-1988
Jay Shanklin (bass) 1986-1988
Josef Parson (guitar) 1979-1986
Kipper Jones (lead vocals) 1979-1988
Rex Salas (keyboards) 1979-1986
Thomas Organ (guitar) 1979-1988