Max (31)

Max was formed in late 80s by Kevin Mooney and Leslie Winer. Signing to Chrysalis, they released a single "Little Ghost" (later to be covered by Boy George). An album, "One Thousand + 1 Nights", produced by [a=Marco Pirroni], was never released.

Mooney regrouped Max with drummer John Reynolds. The group was renamed Lomax when they signed to [l=ZTT]. A [a=Trevor Horn] produced album (also to be titled "1001 Nights", cat# ZTT 5) was shelved by the label when lead single Waiting For Vain was not a hit.

Leaving ZTT, the group transferred to another WEA subsidiary ([l=Red Dot Records]), went through another line-up change, changed their name back to Max and de-Horned the album to give it a rockier edge, retitling it "Silence Running". The album and its singles stiffed, Warners dropped them, and the band split in 1994.

Members [a=John Keogh] and [a=Matthew Ashman] died shortly after.