Sugarhill Gang

An early American hip hop trio. It was initially comprised of [a=Wonder Mike], [a=Big Bank Hank], and [a=Master Gee]. However, [a=Kory-O] later joined the group and as [a=Master Gee]'s replacement. A few years later after multiple line-up changes, Big Bank Hank performed under the name the Original Sugarhill Gang with newer members [a=Joey Robinson Jr.], [a=David Gunthorpe], Kent Laird aka Pookie, Frank Zarate, [a=Warren Moore (4)] and Derek Smalls portraying as Wonder Mike & Master Gee while as for the other two original members Michael Wright and Guy O'Brien performed under Rapper's Delight with new member Hendogg. After years of legal disputes Wonder Mike, Hendogg and Master Gee are currently performing under name Sugarhill Gang.