Modern Talking

Modern Talking, consisting of producer / songwriter [a=Dieter Bohlen] and vocalist [a=Thomas Anders], was formed in 1984 in Berlin by Hansa label. The studio line-up also included [a=Luis Rodriguez], [a=Ralf Stemmann], [a=Rolf Köhler], [a=Michael Scholz], [a=Detlef Wiedeke] and [a=Birger Corleis].
Their debut single "You're My Heart, You're My Soul" reached the top of the German pop charts and was No.1 for 6 weeks. They landed on top of the charts in 17 countries, including Japan’s top 15, being the first German act ever to enter Japanese chart. The single was also No.1 in Israel and Turkey, No.2 in South Africa, No.56 in the UK.
After 6 albums around summer of 1987, Thomas Anders & Dieter Bohlen went separate ways. In 1998 they reunited for a new album "Back For Good" and released 5 more studio albums until they split for good in 21/6/2003 (date of last concert after earlier announcment by Dieter Bohlen on 7/6/2003 during concert in Rostov). Modern Talking is considered as the most successful German band ever with over 120 million albums sold in the top 30 worldwide.