Middle Of The Road

Scottish pop band formed in Glasgow (UK) on 1st April, 1970. Popular in the early 70s were originally named [i]Part Four[/i], 1967; then the name was changed to [i]Los Caracas[/i]. In the wake of so-called [i]British Invasion[/i] seeking in Italy they are discovered by [a=Mario & Giosy Capuano] and produced by [a=Giacomo Tosti]. 1st 7inch [i]Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep[/i] gets a lot of success in Italy, and is a UK number one in 1971. [i]Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum[/i] and [i]Soley Soley[/i] are also top ten hits in the UK later that year. Lyrics by [a=Lally Stott], former lead singer of Motowns and by [a=Giuseppe Cassia]. The band tooks part in [i]Sanremo Festival 1974[/i] with [i]Sole Giallo[/i] written by [a=Pino Donaggio] ([i]Italy[/i] on the b side by [a=La Bionda]).