Soft Ballet

Japanese EBM/industrial/synthpop band. Soft Ballet formed in 1986 consisting of three members, Ryoichi Endo, Ken Morioka and Maki Fujii. It wasn’t until September 1989, however, that they made their major debut on Alfa Records (on the Edge Records sub label). Soft Ballet released 6 studio albums before disbanding in 1995.
The group briefly reunited from 2002 to 2003, releasing 2 more albums and touring extensively before splitting once more.

All three members have had long careers outside the band; Ryoichi formed the band [a1393594] in 1996 and he remained active with that group until the late 2000s. Ken has been putting out solo albums since 1994, and has worked extensively as a producer and session musician. Maki has similarly worked as a producer and session musician, and formed the band [a1408413], which became his main focus from 2007-2010.
In 2014, Ken and Maki formed a new duo, [a=minus(-)].