World Of Twist

Initially formed in Sheffield in 1985 the band line up was: James Fry - brother of ABC's Martin Fry (Vocals) / Andrew Hobson (Bass) / Gordon King (Guitar) /Tony Ogden (Drums) / Rory Conolly (Saxophone) / Nick Phillips (Organ) and / Andy Robins (Synthesiser).
This World Of Twist soon fell to pieces only to emerge back in Manchester, three years later with a new line up:
Tony Ogden (Now singer and co-songwriter) and Gordon King (Guitar and co-songwriter) joined by Andy Hobson (Synthesisers), Alan Frost aka Adge (Visual effects. Synthesisers), Julia aka M.C. Shells (Swirls and Sea Noises), Angela Reilly (Visual Effects). Nick Sanderson (Drums) joined a little later.