Tone Loc

American hip-hop artist/actor, born 3 March 1966, Compton, California. Scored big in 1989 with his crossover hit "Wild Thing." Taken from his debut album, Loc-ed After Dark, the single was penned by fellow pop-rapper [a=Young MC] and featured a sample from [a=Van Halen]'s "Jamie's Cryin'". Tone Loc was discovered by [l=Delicious Vinyl] label owners [a=Matt Dike] and [a=Michael Ross] in the late '80s, who signed him for his unique, gravelly voice. Even though "Wild Thing" and its follow-up, "Funky Cold Medina" (also written by [a=Young MC]) were huge commercial hits, and Loc-ed After Dark was only the second rap album to top the charts, Loc was quickly scorned by a majority of the hip-hop scene. Consequently, his sophomore effort, Cool Hand Loc (1991), didn't fare as well. Loc adapted, however, and left music behind to focus on his acting career. Tone Loc has since appeared in television (on Fox's "Roc") and movies (Posse, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective); and has used his instantly recognizable vocal chords to voice-over commercials and animated works.

Got his nickname from his name "Tony" and the slang term "Lōc", which refers to members of the Los Angeles street gang the "Crips", of which Tone Lōc was previously a member.