Alphabeat (3)

Pop-rock group from Silkeborg, Denmark. Originally named "Sodastar", but they changed the band's name to avoid confusion with a German group already called "Sodastar".
In 2007, the group released their debut album "[r=922032]" in Denmark.
In 2008, the group moved to London, UK, and released their first worldwide album, "[m=46449]". This album contained many of the same tracks as the original 2007 release, but the tracks now in general had a more polished/mainstream pop sound. The group released two additional albums, "[m=227967]" in 2009 and "[m=475057]" in 2012, before going on a hiatus. During the hiatus, several of the band members released music from their own projects.
In early 2019, the group reunited, released the single "[m=1554066]" and announced a European tour. On November 1, 2019, the group released their fourth album " I Don't Know What's Cool Anymore".