Dubliners U2 started in their hometown in 1976. They began their legacy rooting their music in the political turmoil that was all around them.

After having [a=Steve Lillywhite] produce their first three albums, U2 looked for a more sophisticated and experimental sound. They hired [a=Daniel Lanois] and [a=Brian Eno] to produce "The Unforgettable Fire" and "The Joshua Tree" albums, which both put them onto the charts all over the world.

After the 80s ended U2 re-invented themselves once again. Incorporating elements of electronics into their rock construct, U2 created a new sound with "Achtung Baby". Bono and the band used their notoriety more than ever expressing their opinions on social matters on a global scale.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2005 (Performer).

Paul David Hewson (aka [a=Bono])
David Howell Evans (aka [a=The Edge])
Adam Charles Clayton
Lawrence Joseph Mullen Jr.