Etienne Daho

Étienne Daho (born January 14, 1956 in Oran, Algeria) is a French singer who has racked up an extensive number of synth-driven and rock-influenced pop hits in the French-speaking world since 1981. He ended up in the city of Rennes during the 60s when his mother got a job in a local hospital. As a teen, he hung around with [a1022524] from the band [a45921], but also some members of [a280811]. During the fall of 1979, he recorded his first songs with [a1845408] on guitar, then in June 1980, he performed 5 songs live at MJC La Paillette, in Rennes. His first LP was released in 1981 with some fellow musicians of MdS. The release of his single [m=36263] in 1985 created a real "Dahomania" all around the country. In 2010, Daho celebrated 30 years of career and is still around.

He sings in a low, whispery voice somewhat akin to [a227848] or [a113830], and his music videos establish his innovative and creative flair visually. He cites [a457980] as one of his main influences.

2020, Etienne Daho is the French Ambassador for The French Record Store Day