[b]Funk - electro band[/b]

Formed in 1974 in New York, USA. Originally called New York City Players, but changed to The Players after a lawsuit against them, by the [a=Ohio Players]. Has released 17 albums between 1977 and 2000. Their definitive hit is 1986's "Word Up". In the '00s, Cameo-bassist Aaron Mills started collaborating with [a=OutKast].


Larry Ernest "Mr. B" Blackmon (1975-present)
Thomas Michael Jenkins (1976-present)
Nathan David Leftenant (1976-1991) (1995-'00s)
Charlie L. Singleton (1981-present)
Jonathan Moffett (1980s) (2000-present)
Anthony A. Lockett (1978-1981) ('00s-present)
Aaron Ellis Mills (1979-1981) (1986-present)
Arnett G. Leftenant (1976-1981)
Damon Mendes (1979)
Eric R. Durham Snr. (1976-1978)
Gary Dow (1976-1978)
Gregory B. Johnson (1975-1982)
Jeff Nelson (1992-1996)
Jeryl Bright (1980-1981)
John Blackwell (1996)
Kenni Hairston (1986-1987)
Kevin Kendrick (1982-2000)
Kurt Jeter (1977)
Melvin Wells (1984-1996)
Michael "Calamari" Burnett (1982) (1984-1988)
Stephen Moore (1980-1981)
Thomas Delmar "TC" Campbell (1980-1981)
Vincent Wilburn Jr. (1981)
Wayne Cooper (1977-1980)
Willie "Chill Factor" Morris (1986-1995)
William Revis (1977)