Anne Linnet

Danish singer/composer (b. July 30, 1953 in Aarhus). Over a five-decade long career, Linnet has remained a highly acclaimed artist in Denmark and a pioneer in female rock.

Started singing career in [a=Tears] with then husband [a=Holger Laumann] with whom she had daughter [a=Evamaria Linnet]. In a second marriage, she had son and later solo artist [a=Xander Linnet]. She has been in multiple homosexual relationships, and has been open and written songs about female homosexuality ever since the seventies.

Released the debut solo album [r=3568461] in 1973, and founded all-female band [a=Shit & Chanel] in 1974 with a.o. [a=Lis Sørensen], with whom she also sang backing vocals for a.o [a=Gasolin']. After Shit & Chanel dissolved in 1979, she founded [a=Anne Linnet Band] with [a=Lis Sørensen] and [a=Sanne Salomonsen]. In 1983, she founded the new wave band [a=Marquis De Sade (7)]. That band released three albums before breaking up 1988, but reunited in 2002 for the album [r=6040443]. In 1997, she founded her second all-female band [a=Bitch Boys (4)].

Linnet has released two popular albums with lyrics by the Danish writer [a=Tove Ditlevsen], [m=374754] and [m=443903], as well as three albums for Danish musicals, [r=2647857], [m=311996], and [m=86672].