HIM (2)

HIM (originally His Infernal Majesty) was a Finnish rock band founded in 1991 by singer/frontman Ville Valo and bass player Migé Amour. Their first release was the demo EP [i]666 Ways To Love: Prologue[/i], which was released in 1996 and is the only thing they released under their original name. By the time they released their debut full-length [i]Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666[/i] in 1997, the name had been shortened to HIM to make their name easier on the Finnish tongue as well as to tone down the more occult elements of their public image. With their second album, [i]Razorblade Romance[/i], HIM gained exposure all over Europe as the track "Join Me" was included in the European version of the movie [i]The Thirteenth Floor[/i]. Their fourth album, [i]Love Metal[/i], expanded their popularity to the U.S., giving them the status of world-wide rock stars. The album [i]Dark Light[/i] spawned the hit "Wings of a Butterfly", which became the band's biggest US hit and made [i]Dark Light[/i] the first album by a Finnish act to go gold in the US. The band disbanded in 2017.

Final lineup:
Ville Valo - vocals (1991-2017)
Migé Amour (Mikko Paananen) - bass (1991-1992, 1995-2017)
Lily Lazer (Mikko Lindström) - guitar (1993-2017)
Emerson Burton (Janne Puurtinen) - keyboards (2001-2017)
Jukka "Kosmo" Kröger - drums (2015-2017)