Ian Van Dahl

Belgian trance/house act created by Christophe Steve Fotini Chantzis and Erik Jos Vanspauwen.

In 2001, Ian van Dahl gained attention in Europe with their debut single "Castles in the Sky", featuring vocals by Martine Theeuwen. The follow-up single "Will I?" saw the group fronted by singer Annemie Coenen. They teamed up to give the project a more 'permanent' look. The group's debut album "Ace" was released in 2002.

Peter Luts and David Vervoort later joined the team to create "Lost & Found", the group's second album. Christophe and Erik left the record label, [l=A&S Productions], to start their own production company after this release. Shortly after, Annemie Coenen and Peter Luts also left A&S Productions. They started a new project called [a=AnnaGrace].