Andy Williams

American singer, born December 3, 1927 in Wall Lake, Iowa, United States and died September 25, 2012 in Branson, Missouri, United States.

Andy Williams recorded 18 Gold and three Platinum certified albums during his career. He had his own TV variety show from 1962–71 in which he performed with [a15885], [a48822], [a30552], [a57103], [a262943], [a31615], [a232157], [a92815], [a5492], [a164571], [a271356], [a31260], [a27516], [a52833], [a38863], [a170357], [a1126459], [a907696], [a10533], [a310213], [a575586], [a226283] and many other superstars. He also owned his own theater, the Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri.