Pino Daniele

Italian blues, jazz, and pop musician, singer, songwriter and composer.
Born in Naples, Italy, March 3, 1955, died January 5, 2015 of a heart attack in his house located in the countryside of Orbetello, Tuscany, Italy.

He began his career playing with a band named Batracomiomachia. In 1976, he then started playing as a bassist in [a1333580] where he met [a836637] who would become a central figure in the production of his first three albums. In the same year [a1622021], EMI Italiana's producer, listened to a demo tape with Daniele's original songs and decided to produce his music. Within six months his first single was released titled [r=3131085] (both songs were included on his first album, [r=2677049] which was released in 1977). This was the beginning of an extraordinary career: several albums, world-tours, cinema soundtracks (in particular, movies made by his close friend [a1957950]), television performances and countless collaborations. Pino Daniele is one of the most famous Italian musicians in the world.