Trio of DJ's (Klaus Biedermann, Paul Pfab and Helmut Wolfgruber) from Vienna, Austria. Their first single, "How To Dance", became a worlwide club hit in 1990. Fronted by rapper [a=Princessa (2)], the song included a multitude of catchy samples: some taken from an obscure LP of dance lessons, others from "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)" by [a=Chic].
Their first album, "The Best Of Bingoboys", followed through using the same formula as the "How To Dance" single, but didn't result in any more charting singles. As a result, [l=Atlantic] soon dropped them from the label in North America.
The group's second album, "Color Of Music", was released in 1994 only in Europe and produced in the Bingoboys Studio.
By 1996, Bingoboys had split—but their studio was still being used by artists such as [a=Peter Rauhofer] and [a=Georg O. Luksch]. The studio finally closed its doors in 2007.