Sandro (25)

Roberto 'Sandro' Sánchez

Born August 19, 1945 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Died January, 4, 2010 in Mendoza, Argentina at the age of 64.

Roberto Sanchez, better known by his stage name Sandro (Buenos Aires, January 19 August 1945 - Guaymallén, Province of Mendoza, January 4, 2010), was an outstanding Argentine singer of romantic ballads and rock and pop in Castilian , famous throughout the continent. In turn, he ventured into multiple opportunities in film, as lead actor and even as a director. It became almost as famous as the singer Raphael, with whom he shared the same style voice and likeness on issues, even though in another style dancing performances, producing a bizarre effect.

He was one of the founders of rock in Castilian in Latin America. He published 52 original albums and sold 8 million copies, although there are sources that rise up to 22 million.4 Some of their successes are "Give me fire", "Rosa, Rosa", "I want to fill you", "Penumbra", " Because I love you, "" So, "" My friend the Puma "," I "," Cornfield "," A girl and a guitar. " Her song "Rosa, Rosa" sold 2 million albums, with his most famous work. Also, her song "I" has been considered the No. 15 among the top 100 themes of Argentine rock by MTV and Rolling Stone. He made 16 films. It was the first Latin American to sing at the Felt Forum in Madison Square garden.5 In 2005 he received the Latin Grammy for their entire career.