The Rolling Stones

English rock band formed in London in April 1962.
Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1989 (Performer).

[i]Band members[/i]

[u]06/1962 - present[/u]
[a90541] (Lead vocals, harmonica, percussion)
[a166570] (Lead and rhythm guitars, acoustic guitar, backing vocals)

[u]06/1962 - 10/1962[/u]
[a414255] (Bass)

[u]06/1962 - 12/1962[/u]
[a677434] (Drums)

[u]04/1962 - 05/1963[/u]
[a255182] (Keyboards, piano)

[u]04/1962 - 06/1969[/u]
[a409290] (Lead and rhythm guitars)

[u]12/1962 - 01/1993[/u]
[a272814] (Bass)

[u]01/1963 - present[/u]
[a299325] (Drums and percussion)

[u]07/1969 - 12/1974[/u]
[a300117] (Lead and slide guitars)

[u]03/1975 - present[/u]
[a271311] (Guitars, backing vocals)