UK early '80's Synth-pop group fronted originally by Limahl on lead vocals with Nick Beggs on bass guitar and additional vocals, Steve Askew on E bow and guitar, Stuart Croxford Neale on synths and additional vocals and Jez Strode drums and electronic programming.

Limahl was fired from Kajagoogoo after their first album for creative differences. He then pursued a solo career. Nick Beggs took over lead vocal duties and the group released another album (they were now known as simply Kaja in North America with this release). After Jez Strode left the group before the recording of their last album, they officially shortened their name to Kaja, releasing one more album under this moniker.

October 2003 saw the original 5 members briefly reunite as part of the VH1 'Bands Reunited' TV series, in which they performed a 1-off special show. Nick, Steve and Stuart have since remained in Kajagoogoo.

Limahl and Jez joined the band again in February 2008.