The Power Station

The Power Station was formed in 1984 and consisted of [a=Andy Taylor] and [a=John Taylor] of [a=Duran Duran] with [a=Tony Thompson (2)] of [a=Chic] and singer [a=Robert Palmer]. When Robert Palmer quit the group in mid-1985, [a407485] was recruited as the lead singer. The band folded in late 1985 as the members turned to other projects. The band reunited in 1995 with its original members. The group worked together on writing and arranging a new album, however, personal issues forced bassist John Taylor to withdraw from the project and leave the band before any recording took place. Producer [a51071] (Chic bassist) stepped in to become the Power Station's bassist and new fourth member, playing all bass parts on the album "Living in Fear" (1996). Bernard Edwards died of pneumonia in April, 1996 and the group disbanded permanently in 1997.