In 1984 a group of friends from the Belgian village Sint-Genesius-Rode were asked by the mayor of their town to play a small concert. They named themselves "Clouseau En Vrienden" and played a very good set as a coverband.

In 1987 they had the unique opportunity to open the Marktrock festival in Leuven (Belgium). After their performance, music publisher Hans Kusters decides to make the first Clouseau single, titled "Brandweer", which was sold 427 times.

During the years after their first single, Clouseau quickly became one of the most famous bands in Flanders, singing mostly in Dutch. The band also recorded two albums in English (in 1991 and 1993). In 1991 all band members except Bob Savenberg and the two brothers Koen and Kris left the band. In 1996 Bob also left and Koen and Kris continued with Clouseau on their own.

Currently, the band consists of Koen Wauters (vocals), Kris Wauters (piano, acoustic guitar, backing vocals).
On stage they are accompagnied by freelance musicians : Herman Cambré (drums), Vincent Pierins (bass), Frank Michiels (percussion), Eric Melaerts (guitar), Tom Van Stiphout (guitar) and Hans Francken (keyboards).