Flip Da Scrip

Flip da Scrip are a Dutch formation, founded in 1990 by the rapper [a=Cooly D] (real name Stef Bruinsma). He and the rapper Glaze released their first album "Products Of Da Piemel" in 1993. Their first big hits were the two singles "Who's In Da House" and "Throw Ya Hands In The Air". They became so succesful in their home country, they were able to become the support act for [a=R. Kelly]'s tour in The Netherlands. Seeing their home town of Enschede is very close to Germany the duo could easily expand its market and they got signed by the German label Dos Or Die/Nightown Records. The following years they brought out more Hip Hop and R&B hits like "You To Me" and "You Can Run". They also performed at the annual Dome festival in Cologne, together with top acts as [a=Backstreet Boys], [a=*NSYNC] and [a=DJ Quicksilver].
In 1997, Glaze left the group for a solo career. Later that year, the group got new members: the rapper Bear and the singers Winston and Crucial. Their first single with this new setting, "I Never Told You", is probably their most famous one as it became a huge hit all over Europe. The following 3 years (upto 2001) the group released more mature Hip Hop songs, like "Have You Ever" and "After All". Unfortunately in 2001, Cooly D got problems holding the group together. Crucial became too busy being a parent and Winston wanted to quit music, but the worst problem was the fact that Bear got sentenced for two years behind bars. Because of these events, their third album never got finished and got canceled. After these unfortunate events, there has been no sign of Flip da Scrip, but Cooly D began working on a new project in 2002.