Kikka is an Eurodance project of SAIFAM Publishing Group. It was fronted by many female vocalists over the years.
The production team involved a lot of different producers. Among them: [a=Mauro Farina], [a=Fabio Serra] and [a=Johnny Di Martino] (from the [a=Factory Team]), [a=Giuliano Crivellente], [a=Ricky Stecca], and [a=Fabio Turatti].
Just like many other projects on the label [l=21st Century Records (Italy)], Kikka released a lot of covers of popular songs. Their first singles "Sweet Dreams" and "Little Bird" were concentrated on [a=Eurythmics] and [a=Annie Lennox].
Other notable covers were "Japanese Boy" (by [a=Aneka]), "Walking In Memphis" (by [a=Marc Cohn]), "How Do I Live" (by [a=LeAnn Rimes]), "Little Lies" (by [a=Fleetwood Mac]).