J.K. was an Eurodance project made up by Italian producers [a=Larry Pignagnoli] and [a=Davide Riva]. The first singles were sung by [a=Giovanna Bersola] AKA [a=Jenny B.]. Lipsync was performed in the videos and on stage by a Polish model called Marta Simlat. Pignagnoli and Riva produced [a=Lalene] soon after using the same formula.
The first success of J.K. was "You Make Me Feel Good" in 1993. In went up to number one in Canada and performed well in France, Germany, Italy and other European countries as well. The songs "Beat It" and "You & I" (released in 1994) helped to perpetuate the J.K. success story.
"My Radio" was sung by [a=Sandra Chambers] AKA [a=Sandy]. [a=Annerley Gordon] AKA [a=Ann Lee] is credited on some of the singles.