Geto Boys

When the Geto Boys came together in 1986, though, it was with a completely different lineup. Formed as "The Ghetto Boys" in Houston by rap entrepreneur [a=James Smith]. The group originally consisted of [url=]Sir Rap-A-Lot[/url], [url=]Prince Johnny C.[/url], [url=]The Slim Jukebox[/url], and [a=DJ Ready Red].
During 1987-1988, both Johnny C. and The Jukebox quit, forcing Smith to add a dwarf-dancer-turned-rapper named [a=Bushwick Bill] and two Rap-A-Lot solo acts: [url=]Scarface[/url] and [a=Willie D]. From then on they were known as "The Geto Boys".

[a=Raheem] (1986-1987)
[url=]Sir Rap-A-Lot[/url] (1986-1987)
[url=]Prince Johnny C.[/url] (1986-1988)
[url=]The Slim Jukebox[/url] (1986-1988)
[a=DJ Ready Red] (1986-1990)
[a=Bushwick Bill] (1986-2019)
[a=Willie D] (1989-1992, 1996-present)
[url=]Scarface[/url] (1989-present)
[url=]Big Mike[/url] (1993-1994)