B.P.M. (4)

B.P.M. (Boris Pavlovic Music) is a German group. It's a great classic eurodance just like the good times.
In 2003 they released songs "Maniac" - cover from the film Flashdance & "Don't Worry".
At the beginning of year 2004, [a403920] and [a403919] wrote some new songs. With [a403919] he produced the title "High Enough To Dream". Short after, [a403920] and [a2453129] got an offer of the label SHIFT Music/ZYX. The new single was published on the 27.September 2004, and massively played on TV and discotheques.
In March 2005, the group recorded a new single entitled No End No Limit, once again an awesome eurodance track. BPM and Experience Of Music was worked together on a project called Reunion Of Dance.
In 2011 B.P.M. come back with ''Back To Eurodance E.P.'' extended play.