Shock (3)

In 1981, after the release of their breakout single "Let's Get Crackin," Rolling Stone magazine picked Shock as one of the top ten new artists of the decade. With comparisons to P Funk, Earth Wind and Fire, and Cameo, the expectations were high. And although the band did follow up with subsequent hits "Electrophonic Funk" (1982) and "Waiting on Your Love" (1983), a constellation of factors eventually brought this 1st chapter of Shock to a close. Shortly thereafter band leader/ keyboardist Roger Sause, producer/guitarist Marlon Mclain, and bassist Joe Plass began writing, recording and touring with smooth jazz star Kenny G. Then, in 1989 Sause and Mclain hooked up again to produce a more pop-oriented Shock album. Even though the single "Talk About Love" got a lot of airplay (particularly in Europe and Australia where it hit #1 on many dance charts), the project seemed to lack the magic of the original Electrophonic Funksters and once again Shock fell off the radar screen. This had to be the end---right? So in the early 1990s Sause and Mclain both moved to Los Angeles, where Roger began playing keyboards and touring with cross-over Christian icon Michael W. Smith, while Marlon became a full-time member of the grammy award winning Dazz Band. Roger formed a live music production company called Perfect World Entertainment, and Marlon continued to work with the Dazz Band, The Ohio Players, Charlie Wilson and a myriad of other elite artists . -CD Baby